Claim Enquiries

For claim enquiries contact:

Neil Gibson
Entertainment & Contingency - Senior General Adjuster
Malik, Giffen & Burnett
Everest Insurance Company of Canada
The Exchange Tower, 130 King Street
West, Suite 2620 Toronto, Ontario
Tel: 416-302-5952

Report a Claim

To make a claim download the Claim Reporting Form and fax back to 1-416-593-4449 or email a copy to Horace Brown at

WEDensure toll free at 1-888-603-1931 (Canada only) or 1-866-824-9940

Duties In The Event Of Loss Or Damage

In case of a loss to which your policy may apply, you must see that the following are done:

  1. If a law may have been broken, notify the police as soon as reasonably practicable after discovery of a loss.
  2. As soon as reasonably practicable, report to us or our agent in writing any loss or damage that may result in a claim under your policy.
  3. Prepare an inventory of the damage or loss, showing in detail the:
    1. quantity
    2. description
    3. actual cash value; and
    4. amount of the loss.
    Attach to the inventory all:
    1. bills;
    2. receipts;
    3. contracts; and
    4. related documents that substantiate the figures in the inventory.
  4. Submit to us, within sixty (60) days after discovery of the loss, your signed, sworn statement of loss, and, if the loss involves theft, attempted theft, vandalism or malicious mischief, the police report.
  5. Make all reasonable efforts to find another place to hold the wedding event if the wedding event location becomes unavailable on the wedding event date.
  6. Take all reasonable precautions and actions to avoid loss, destruction, damage, accidents, liability and expense and to minimize any claim under your policy.
  7. In the event of any bodily injury or on the commencement of any illness, which may cause the wedding event to be cancelled or postponed, seek medical care and follow the medical advice from a duly qualified medical doctor. In such a circumstance, doctors of our choice must be allowed to examine the injured or ill person(s) as often as we reasonably require.

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