Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is WEDensure?

    WEDensure is a comprehensive insurance program that will protect you from unforeseen and unpredictable circumstances that may occur during your wedding. The most unique aspect of the insurance program is that it is comprehensive; it covers 12 different types of unforeseeable risks that could occur during your wedding. This feature separates us from our competitors. While the insured must be a permanent resident of Canada, WEDensure provides international coverage as well.

    WEDensure is an insurance program offered exclusively through NW Insurance Brokers Ltd. and underwritten by Everest Insurance Company of Canada. The claims portion of the program is handled by Malik, Giffen & Burnett Claims Consultants Inc. The wealth of experience from this partnership ensures that the program will be able to meet any of your wedding insurance needs.

  2. What are we covered for with WEDensure Wedding Insurance Program?

    WEDensure is the most comprehensive insurance program in Canada. You will be covered for 12 different types of unforeseeable risks from wedding cancellations to damages to your wedding bands or attire. You can learn more about the specific coverages on our insurance products page, but a quick summary is provided below. If you want further information, please click on the policy wording link on the insurance products page to learn more about the policy. Please call one of our customer representatives at 1-888-603-1931 or 604-270-3022 to help you navigate through the policy and what is included in the program. You can be covered for:

    • Cancellation of Postponement Wedding Expenses
    • Additional Expenses Incurred to Avoid Cancellation
    • Failure of Suppliers To Deliver Services
    • Damages to Wedding Attire
    • Damages to the Wedding Rings
    • Damages to Wedding Gifts
    • Failure of Transportation Services
    • Photography, Video, DVD Risks
    • Damages to Wedding Cake, Flowers, and Stationery (Such as Invitation Cards)
    • Damages to Rented Property
    • Honeymoon Costs if the Wedding is cancelled or postponed
    • Commerce General Liability / Host Liquor Liability

    To purchase the insurance program, please visit the insurance products page and complete the online application. Please remember that most people understate their potential budget. Policy premiums or payments will range from $500 to $2,625 based on your budget and whether you want a $1 million General Liability or $2 million General Liability policy. The figures are in Canadian dollars.

  3. What limits of insurance are offered by WEDensure Wedding Insurance Program and what is the cost?

    Limit options for the comprehensive 12 coverage insurance policy starts at $10,000 and reach a maximum of $250,000. $1 million comprehensive general liability is included with a $2 million option aggregate limit. As mentioned, policy premiums range from $500 to $2,625 depending on your budget.

  4. How far in Advance must we purchase the WEDensure Wedding Insurance?

    Coverage can be purchased from one year to a minimum of thirty days in advance of the ceremony. However, it is advisable to purchase insurance as soon as a deposit is placed on a venue.

  5. What does "Insured" mean and who should be the "Insured" on the policy?

    The "Insured" is the term indicating the specific person(s) whose name the policy was purchased under (usually the Bride and the Groom). In addition, you may name a parent or family member if they signed contracts with the Venue or who has a financial stake in the Wedding. The person(s) named under the policy will be protected under WEDensure.

  6. Whom do we call if we have to make a claim?

    The program is offered through NW Insurance Brokers Ltd. and underwritten by Everest Insurance Company of Canada, one of Canada's most reputable and respected insurance providers. Making a claim is as simple as picking up your phone and dialing 1-866-824-9940. Calls are accepted worldwide.

  7. How do we purchase WEDensure Wedding Insurance?

    To purchase WEDensure Wedding Insurance, go to the Insurance Products page and complete our simple, safe and convenient online application. If you would like to speak to a representative that can address any of your concerns, please call NW Insurance Brokers Ltd. toll free at 1-888-603-1931 or 604-270-3022.

  8. What is your return policy?

    This contract of insurance may be cancelled within 7 days of purchase. Please contact NW Insurance Brokers Ltd. for more information at 1-888-603-1931 or 604-270-3022.

  9. Can I pick and choose between 12 sections and opt for some but not others?

    No. The WEDensure Insurance Program was created as an all-inclusive, comprehensive product that packages all the areas engaged couples need for their wedding. No one likes to think about worse-case scenarios or worry about the "what-ifs". WEDensure provides broad wedding coverage so you don"t have to.

  10. Why do I need the WEDensure insurance program for my wedding?

    Wedding insurance protects the financial budget and emotional attachment involved with planning and holding a modern wedding. Wedding insurance saves couples from being stranded with unfair wedding costs through reimbursement for money spent.

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