Twelve Coverages

  1. Cancellation or Postponement Expenses
    A large concern for any bride and groom is the wedding being cancelled or postponed. WEDensure will cover the expenses that result from the cancellation or postponement of a wedding. We will pay for any deposits that were placed before your wedding and lost due to a delay or cancellation. For example, if you placed a non-recoverable deposit on transportation and hotel accommodation before the wedding was cancelled, we would pay for the deposit.

  2. Additional Expense Incurred to Avoid Cancellation:
    WEDensure will pay for expenses that are used to avoid a wedding cancellation. For example, if the groom is traveling on a plane to the wedding and the flight is cancelled, WEDensure would pay for another ticket so that the groom can attend the wedding.

  3. Failure of Suppliers
    WEDensure will pay for any non-recoverable deposits from a supplier who fails to provide their services as agreed upon. For example, if a photographer is unable to attend a wedding due to an unforeseen circumstance, we would pay for the cost of another photographer.

  4. Wedding Attire
    WEDensure will cover any damage to your wedding dress or suit after it has left the supplier and before the conclusion of the wedding. For example, if the bride's wedding dress is damaged, we will pay for either the tailoring or replacement cost of the dress.

  5. Wedding Rings
    Similar to the wedding attire, this coverage will pay for any damages to the wedding band. The band is insured starting from seven days before the wedding until the conclusion of the event.

  6. Wedding Gifts
    WEDensure will pay for any damages to your wedding gifts up to 24 hours after receiving it. The gift must be either at your house, the reception, or in transit between your house and the reception.

  7. Transportation
    WEDensure will reimburse the non-recoverable deposits that were paid to a transportation supplier if they fail to meet their contractual obligations. For example, if the limousine that takes the bride and groom away from the reception cancels their commitment, we will pay for the costs of another transportation vehicle.

  8. Photographs, Video, DVD, or other Medium
    WEDensure will reimburse the expenses incurred to correct, take, or retake the wedding photographs or videos within 90 days of the wedding.

  9. Wedding Cake and Flowers
    WEDensure will pay for any direct loss or damage to the wedding cake or flowers seven days prior to the wedding until the conclusion of the reception.

  10. Wedding Stationery
    This coverage will pay for any direct physical loss or damage to wedding stationery prior to the wedding. Examples of wedding stationery include: invitation cards, RSVP cards, menus, name cards, itinerary, etc.

  11. Rented Property
    WEDensure will provide reimbursement for direct physical loss or damage to any rented property used during the wedding or reception.

  12. Honeymoon
    WEDensure will reimburse you for any pre-paid, non-recoverable costs of travel arrangements for the honeymoon due to the cancellation or postponement of the wedding.

Coverage for General Liability to others

WEDensure will pay damages that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay due to an event during the course of the wedding.

You can purchase WEDensure by completing our simple and convenient online application. At any time, if you have questions, please feel free to call us at 1-888-603-1931 or 604-602-1931 to help you navigate through the policy.

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